أحمد شعبان

المؤهلات العلمية: 

• 2013- 2017: Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación, University of Málaga, Malaga, Spain - PhD. Excellent Honours, "Cum Laude
• 2007- 2012: Faculty of Media, Damascus University, Syria. - Master degree, in Information& Communication, achieved degree 70.53 %/.
• 2001- 2005: Faculty of Media, Damascus University, Syria. - Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Media& Communication, achieved degree 67.23 %.

البرامج الأكاديمية: 


المقررات العلمية: 

BMC.SD756 - السيناريو و الدراما
BMC.G796 - مشروع تخرج
BMC.TAT754 - أساليب تحليل النصوص

الخبرات الأكاديمية: 

1. Mar. 2019- current: Foreign Media Department, Syrian Radio& TV, Ministry of Information, Damascus, Syria. - Programs' Supervisor, in English, Spanish and French.
2. Oct. 2018- current: Syrian General Authority for Book, Ministry of Culture, Damascus, Syria. - Key member of the National Translation Committee. - Reviewer of translations and publications, in Spanish, and Arabic. - Translator from Spanish into Arabic and vice versa
3. Aug. 2018- current: Syrian Radio& TV, Ministry of Information, Damascus, Syria. - Preparation Documentaries. - News Editor
4. Oct. 2017- : Faculty of Media, Damascus University, Syria. - Teaching Subject “Radio& TV Drama”. - Teaching Subject “Informative Texts' Analysis”. - Teaching Subject “Specialized Programs”. - Teaching Subject practice, "Media Literacy".
7. Sept. 2017- current: Spanish Literature Department, Faculty of Letters& Human Arts, Damascus University, Syria. - Teaching Subject “Translation”. - Teaching Subject "Linguistics".
8. Mar, 2009– current: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), Ministry of Information, Damascus, Syria - Press Editor, Head of Spanish Bulletin, Reporter and Translator/.www.sana.sy
9. 2005-Dec. 2012: "Socrates Centre”, a private foreign language teaching institute/ Damascus, Syria. - Manager and teacher.

المنشورات العلمية: 

• Nov. 2018: Edition No. 662, Al- MARIFA Magazine, Ministry of Culture, Damascus, Syria. - "Semiology of Sign and Dismantling the Discourse of Terrorism", included in the File: "Media, Terrorism and Globalization".
• 30- 31 March, 2017: IEMed- European Institute of the Mediterranean, Barcelona, Spain. - Participation in the conference "Mediterranean Hall", research titled “different media visions toward Syrian conflict”.
• 25- 30 Nov. 2010: Danish Institute, Damascus& International PhD and Research School in Denmark& Damascus, Damascus, Syria. - Closed Door Workshop, Arab TV Function and Entertainment Industries.
• 2008: Damascus University, Syria. - Research about the Syrian Golan titled "Script from Golantid".
• 2006: ETANA Press& Publishing House, Damascus, Syria. - Workshop and Documentary film on "Woman, Traditions and Religion in Syria", titled "Open Shutters", the film participated in a conference in Damascus, in cooperation with the British Photographer Eugene Dolberg.
• 2005: Damascus University, Syria. - Documentary Film "Future of Population in Syria- Nuclear Family and Extended Family- between Economic Growth and Population Increase".
• Dozens of articles and translations published in our local websites.
• A book in Arabic entitled "Social and Cultural Dramatic Changing in Syria, TV drama as a model".
• A book in Arabic entitled "Media Views toward the Crisis in Syria, Semiological Study in Media Structure during Crisis".
• A trilogy under translation from Spanish into Arabic written by the famous Spanish author and winner of the "Planet" 2017 Award, "Arturo Pérez Reverte", as follows: "Eva", "Falco" and "Sabotage ".