Bachelor of Science in Economics (BSCE)

 The program of Bachelor of Economics (BSCE) was established in 2007 at the Syrian Virtual University, where the university wanted through this program to help specific groups of students who have work and reside in different places and can’t move to continue their study in higher education, as well as to equip students with the foundational business skills that will prepare them to excel in today’s dynamic marketplace.

There are three specializations in this program: Business Management, Marketing, Banking and Finance,  and a student will hold a degree in Economics.

The program provides students holding a high school diploma or Technological Institute in commerce, finance or business  to continue his/her study whenever and wherever they want without having to sacrifice their career or personal life, and obtain a high academic qualification.

This program is designed to equip student with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to work in organizations based on the latest knowledge and international standards. 

Furthermore it helps him/her to use the most developed teaching methods through computer networks and the Internet, where a student can follow his/her courses anywhere and anytime, and  taking advantage of all the benefits of virtual learning.

New specializations will be added in this program in the near future.