War Wounded

Grants for war wounded:

The Syrian Virtual University will allocate quarterly scholarships for subjects’ fees for the war-wounded, whose disability rate exceeds 35%, distributed as follows:

  •  Three free scholarships for each university degree program. A special differentiation of grants to applicants is made based on the average gained in the high school certificates that is accepted by the program.
  • One free scholarship for the subjects' fees for each of the programs that elevate to university degree, with a special differentiation of grants to applicants based on the admission requirements of the program.
  • One free scholarship for each of the Master's programs at the University. A special differentiation of grants to applicants is made based on the highest acceptance score according to the standard adopted in each Master program.

The University Council has the right to allocate three free scholarships for the tuition fees to study in each program of the University, in accordance with conditions determined by the Council in each term. These are allocated to public organizations, civil society organizations or public institutions cooperating with the Virtual University. The University has the right to a 20% fees discount for three seats in each program for the same entities mentioned above.

The University emphasizes its pursuit to provide opportunities for scientific rehabilitation for the widest number of Syrian youth following its belief in its academic and social mission.

The program of the grant system will be implemented (for financial and procedural considerations related to its implementation mechanisms) starting from the fall semester of 2017 (which will be announced in November 2017). The fees reduction for military personnel will be in effect starting in spring semester 2017, which will begin in 2017 for students of law, education and media, and in September 2017 for the other programs.  Additional grants will be approved for each new program created at the University in accordance with the same previously mentioned standards and the Council of the University will issue in the coming few months the executive procedures and mechanisms to be followed to apply for these grants.