The launching of the Arabic Learning System (ALS) for non-native speakers

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Monday, April 30, 2018 - 21:01
The launching of the Arabic Learning System (ALS) for non-native speakers

The Syrian Virtual University (SVU) is pleased to announce the launching of the Arabic Learning System (ALS) in March (2018).

ALS consists of two main programs: the Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL) learning system and the Arabic for Specific Purposes (ASP) program.

The AFL program comprises three main language levels (Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced) based on the standards published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Each main level is subdivided into three sublevels (Low, Mid, and High), requiring nine courses altogether.

The Language Learning System boasts six major components:

  • Self-paced, interactive, multimedia-supported learning content.
  • Synchronous instructional sessions.
  • Asynchronous pre-recorded sessions.
  • Academic support in the form of virtual office hours.
  • Language learning activities with instructor feedback.
  • Testing and assessment component. These are exclusively given at authorized and proctored tele-centers existing in different countries, including Syria.

For more information about the ALS Program take a look at the program description:

For more details about the registration click on the following link: (ALS announcement pdf)

An introduction video about ALS program: