Nada Mohanna

Nada Mohanna

Programs list: 


Contemporary Approaches in the English Language Classroom
British Council
Diploma in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language
The University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology
Cardiff, Wales
Certificate of Proficiency in the Phonetics of English
International Phonetic Association
BA in English Literature
Faculty of Letters, Damascus University

Academic experience: 

Work experience: 

Language courses Coordinator Head of department
2015 present
Damascus, Syria

- Organising English and French Courses, all/ required levels.
- Managing cost and rewards
- Monitoring courses’ process controlling quality of courses.
- Communicating with students to make sure all needs are well taken care of.

Head of recruitment committee
2003 2015
Damascus, Syria

- Interviewing potential candidates and testing their language skills.
- Delivering full report of the result of the interview to management for decision making.

Head of Translation Committee
2001 - 2015
Damascus, Syria

- Translating brochures and advertisements about HIAST to the English/ French language.
- Translating and updating (when available) HIAST site in English/ French.
- Translating English books related to the work of HIAST.

Member of a committee to teach, evaluate and supervise seminar writing
2001 - 2015
Damascus, Syria

- Teaching 4th year students how to write seminars about a scientific subject.
- Supervising the scientific language writing.
- Helping and preparing students to present their seminar to a panel of judges.
- Evaluating students’ presentation language and content.

Head of the Language Centre (HIAST)
2006 - 2010
Damascus, Syria

- setting and advancing the academic strategy of the Language Centre in line with the Institute’s strategic plans and direction.
- Managing, co ordinating and providing consultation for the three depts. at the language centre: (English department, French department and Arabic department).
- Accumulating and reviewing reports submitted by all departments on monthly basis and issuing annual and half year report for management review.
- making sure that all activities are carried out to the highest possible standards and putting in place the necessary evaluation and monitoring procedures to ensure both compliance and improvement.
- Preparing payment schedules of due payments for contractor teachers.
- Assisting in budget preparation.
- Attending Language centre departments’ meetings and assisting in making related decisions

Head of English Department at Language Centre (HIAST)
2003 - 2006
Damascus, Syria

- Setting curriculum for all years according to the Institute’s needs.
- Co ordinating between teachers in same year and in different years 
- Refresh and develop new programmes to attract students and motivate them
- Ensuring that staff performance is managed appropriately and in a way that is consistent with the expectations of the Institute (HIAST), and that fair workload allocation processes are in place.

Member of pedagogical committee at HIAST
2000 - 2004
Damascus, Syria

- Preparing notes on critical problems and situations concerning teaching process and/ or teachers students relationship.
- Suggesting solutions, discussing them with members of committee and issuing decisions to be delivered to management.