Bachelor in Information Systems Engineering (ISE)

Information Engineering
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The purpose of ISE (Information System Engineering) program is to prepare professional IT (Information Technology) engineers and programmers. The program aims at making them acquire the essential knowledge and skills in computer engineering. They will be working in a well-prepared online environment, in which modern learning methods and tools are available for them. This environment will motivate them to learn how to analyze, synthesize and create innovative IT solutions. The students will get from this environment all what they need in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge required from an Information System Engineer. Here is a set of the most important learning outcomes of the program:

  • Understanding the IT theoretical basics.
  • Understanding the engineering basics and methodologies.
  • The Knowledge of information system design, implementation and testing.
  • The Knowledge of protecting information systems, data and networks.
  • The Knowledge of IT project management and quality assurance.