Master in Business Administration (MBA)

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The Syrian Virtual University offers an MBA degree recognizing that many managers currently have a deep knowledge of one professional area, but many need further expansion and deeper knowledge and skills that bring them to higher levels of responsibility. This Master enables the holders to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to lead the multi-functional teams and to deal well with the organizational environment and high competitiveness.

This program is designed to familiarize professionals who have different educational backgrounds with the basics of management such as economics, accounting, financial management, marketing, human resources management, operations management, project management, management of information systems, and others. It aims at contributing in the qualification of executives to be capable of managing organizations efficiently and effectively in the public and private sectors, using modern methods in the field of business management. It is open to the holders of bachelor degrees in any specialization, and does not have to be in business administration.

Name : Iyad Zoukar

PH. D. In informatics

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Doctor of Philosophy, PhD - Doctor in Information Systems - University of Paris I Sorbonne - Centre de Recherche en Informatique - Paris – France
2001 Master of Science in Management - University Paris IX Dauphine – Ecole Polytechnique Paris – Ecole des Mines Paris – France
1996 Engineer in Management - Master of Business Administration (MBA) - ESSEC – Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (Graduate School of Management) - Paris – France



Associate professor

Principal researcher

MBA Program Director at Syrian Virtual University



1) Principles of Management

2) Decision Support Systems

3) Project Management

4) Introduction to Project Management

5) IT Project Management

6) Software Project Management

7) Project Management Professional

8) E-commerce and E-business

9) Introduction to E-commerce

10) Information Systems

11) Management Information Systems

12)Information Systems Management

13) Enterprise Resource Planning

15) Enterprise Resource Planning and E-Business

16) Business Computer Applications

17) Computer Applications for Management

18) Business Information Technology

19) Marketing and Business Administration

20) E-Marketing

21) Introduction to Business

22) Strategic Game Theory

23) Technology Development Management and Intermediary Organizations

24) Databases

25) Introduction to computer sciences



o   Professor, Researcher, and Consultant in Management and Computer Sciences

o   Project Management (PMP)

o   Information System

o   Computer Sciences for Management

o   Scientific Management

o   Decision Making

o   Operations Research

o   Requirements Engineering

o   Knowledge Management

o   Management Training



Research Papers

- Earned Value Management for research and applied projects. Iyad Zoukar. The National Conference about the importance of scientific research and the technology development in the industry. Damascus, Syria 26-28 November 2007.

- Knowledge Management: The sharing of knowledge in scientific research. Iyad Zoukar & Nour Altakriti, Proceedings of Scientific Research Outlook & Technology Development in the Arab World Conference (SRO IV), Damascus, Syria, 11-14 December 2006

- REMI: A Requirements Engineering Method for Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation. Iyad Zoukar, PhD thesis at University of Paris I Sorbonne, Paris, France, April 18, 2005.

- Goal / Strategy Maps Methods, Techniques and Tools to Specify Requirements in Different Evolutionary Contexts. C. Salinesi, A. Etien, I. Zoukar. Proceedings of the 14th International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE'04). Toulouse, France, June 20-24, 2004.

- A Systematic Approach to Express IS Evolution Requirements Using Gap Modelling and Similarity Modelling Techniques. C. Salinesi, A. Etien, I. Zoukar. Proceedings of CAISE'2004. Riga, Latvia, June 7-11, 2004.

- Reducing the Language Disparity Issue in ERP Projects Using Goal/Strategy Modelling. I. Zoukar, C. Salinesi. The 6th International Workshop on Agent-Oriented Information System (AOIS'2004). Riga, Latvia, June 8, 2004.

- Evolution du système d'information par l'implantation d'un Progiciel de Gestion Intégrée. I. Zoukar, C. Salinesi, C. Rolland. Actes du 22ème Congrès INFORSID. Biarritz, 25-28 Mai 2004.

- A Strategy Driven Business Process Modelling Approach. S. Nurcan, A. Etien, R. Kaabi, I. Zoukar. To be published in Business Process Management Journal, A Special Issue On Goal-Oriented Business Process Modeling, 2004.

- Engineering the Fitness Relationship between an ERP and the Supply Chain Process at SNCF. Iyad Zoukar, Camille Salinesi. Proceedings of the 15th Information Resource Management Association International Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 2004.

- Matching ERP Functionalities with the Logistic Requirements of French Railways: A Similarity Approach. Iyad Zoukar, Camille Salinesi. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Porto, Portugal, 2004.




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- Software Project Management – Syrian Virtual University 2008.

- Microsoft EXCEL 2000 – Tome 2 – Iyad Zoukar, Reda Publishing Press 2000.

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