Master in Web Sciences (MWS)

Master in Web Science (MWS)
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The master of Web Science (MWS) program is suitable for all IT specialists to pursue their higher education. As a result of this program, the University grant the degree of Master of Postgraduate Studies in Web Science. The holder of this degree has a systematic and critical understanding of current knowledge and techniques applied in the field of web science. He/She will be able to deal with complex issues systematically and creatively.

Courses list: 

Project or graduation thesis

The registered students on the graduation project should follow the following steps:

  1. The student applies by e-mail to the program director to confirm the project title and the name of the supervisor and the aim of the research during the first two months from the beginning of the registration semester on the project.
  2. The student gets the approval of the Council of Scientific Affairs on the title and the university informs the student of the approval on the title.
  3. The student must provide a research plan to the program management within three months from the date of approval by the Council of Scientific Affairs on the title.
  4. The student has the right to defend the project after one year from the date of approval on the research plan by the Scientific Affairs Council.
  5. After the student has completed his project, taking into account item 4, the student’s supervisor sends the final version of the project to the program director in order to form a committee of judgment.