mhd rateb alshaar


Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resources Management and Development

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

BMC.PSEM538 - Persuasion Skills by Electronic Means
BMC.IPR649 - International Public Relations
BMC.CB535 - Organizational Behavior
BMC.PRS650 - Public Relation Skills
BMC.G798 - Graduating Project_PR

Academic experience: 

University teaching experience in:Damascus University, Faculty of Media, Faculty of Education, starting from 2012 until now
Al-Sham Private Universi (2016- 2017).
Bilad Al-Sham University (2012 to dat)
Supervising and participating in Master's thesis in the Institute of Economic and Social Planning, Planning And International Cooperation Commission.
Training and capacity building experience (10 years) since 2008 Presented to: - Media cadres in the Damascus University branch of the Arab Baath Socialist Party - National Union of Syrian Students - Directorate of Continuing Education Damascus University – Syrian Arab TV- UNRWA –UNDP.


Persuasion Skills by Electronic Means