Rita Saeed


2014: PhD Degree in Mathematics: Department of Mathematics - Faculty of Science- Damascus University. The subject of my thesis is " Nilpotent orbits in semi simple Lie algebras". The grade is excellence and a general average of 90,4%.
2011:Diploma in educational qualification: Faculty of Education- Damascus University. The grade is very good and a general average of 74,33%.

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

EDU.MM - methods of teaching mathematics
BSCE.EM610 - Essential Mathematics 1

Academic experience: 

2018-Till now: :
University lecturer, Faculty of Computer and Information Engineering - Syrian Private University.
2014-Till now:
University lecturer, College of Education - University of Damascus: Lecture in Department of Child Education in mathematics
2015-Till now:
University lecturer, Syrian Virtual University:
Lecture in program Bachelor in Economics (BSCE)
Lecture in program Graduate diploma in education (EDU).
University lecturer, The fourth faculty of Science- Damascus University:
Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate on topics such as linear algebra, complex analysis, Discrete Mathematics and graph theory.
Supervisor of practical education for kindergarten students, The program of open education - Damascus University.
Chief instructor of mathematics , The Syrian Ministry of Education:
Member of the committee of Authorship and Evaluation of the mathematics developed curricula.
lecturer and trainer of mathematics developed curricula.
author of the curricula of category (B) for dropouts, in cooperation with the UNICEF.
trainer in active learning Courses.
math teacher, Syrian schools.


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