Souliman Awad


Ph.D. in Business Administration (Management Information Systems)

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

MBA.PRJ.40 - Project
MBA.OPM.22 - Operations Management
MBA.MIS.32 - Management Information Systems
ISE.SS - Decision Support System

Academic experience: 

Management Information Systems, (2008, 2009), (MBA Program)
Management Information Systems, (2006, 2013), (BBA Program)
Computer Applications in Management1, (2006, 2013), (BBA Program)
Banking DSS, (2006, 2011), (Banks & insurance Program)
Management Information Systems, (2015-present), (BBA Program)
Decision support Systems, (2015), (MIS Program)
Management Information Systems 2, (2015), (MIS Program)
Operations Management , (2015-present), (All Programs)
Management Information Systems, (2009, present), (MBA Program)
Operations Management, (2013, present), (MBA Program)
Computer Applications in Management, (2010, 2011), (BSCE Program)
Database Management Systems, (2010,2014), (BSCE Program)


The Extent of Adopting Decision Support Systems Driven by Models in making Lending Decisions- A Field Study In The Operating Banks In Syria , (participation), 2011, Research Journal of Al-furat University, Basic Sciences Series, 20
Evaluation the Relative Efficiency of Private Syrian Banks using a data envelopment analysis, (participation), 2016, Research Journal of Aleppo University -Economic Sciences Series, 24
Computer uses in Management (participation),2011, (BBA Program), Damascus University publications, (Damascus, Syria)
Management Information Systems (E-Book), 2009, (BBA Program-Virtual University)
Computer Applications in Management (E-Book), 2007, (BBA Program-Virtual University), (Damascus, Syria)
Management Information Systems (Prototype-eBook), MBA Program- Syrian Virtual University, 2012
Decision Support Systems (Prototype-eBook), Virtual University, 2017