Salim Al-hassanieh


Ph. D. in Management Sciences: the Effect of Managers Qualification on the Organizational Behavior, Univ. of Rennes 1, France, (Very Honorable Grade). 1985/1990
Master in Personal Management, Univ. of Rennes 1, France 1984/1985
Diploma in Economics, Damascus Univ 1979/1980
Diploma of Qualification and Specialization in Cost Accounting, Damascus Univ.1977/1978
BA in Trade: Business Management, Damascus Univ.1971/1975

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

ISE.MIS - Management Information Systems
ISE.MIS - Management Information Systems

Academic experience: 

Professor at Arabic Academy for E-Business and Head of E-Business Management Systems Department. 2017-2018
Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Strategy, at Damascus Univ. 2014/2017
2013/2014 Head of the Department of Informatics Application in Management at HIAD, Damascus Univ.
2011/2013 Head of the Training Department, Damascus Univ.
2007/2009 Dean of HIAD, Damascus Univ.
2005/2007 Vice Dean of HIAD, Damascus Univ.
2000/2004 Management Training consulting: including designing, writing, & training, at STC (Saudi Telecom Company).
1997/ 2000 Doctor at the Department of Business Adm., Airbed National Univ, Jordan.
1996/1997 Doctor at the Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Economics Sciences of Administration. AL-al-Beyt Univ., Almafraq, Jordan.
1990/1996 Doctor at the Department of Business Management, Aleppo Univ.
1982/1990 Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Management, Faculty of Economics, Aleppo Univ.
1981/1982 Commercial Director at the General Establishment of Metallic Manufactures (BARADA), Damascus.
1977/1981 Deputy and Head of Department of the Foreign Relationship at the Commercial Bank of Syria. Branch №1, Damascus.
2006/2014 Teacher at Syrian Virtual University (SVU); MIS, Strategy management, Crisis Management, Plus Project and Thesis Supervisor
2006-2010 More than 25 managerial courses; especially in Leadership, Creativity, Future Sciences, Change Management, Planning & Strategy, HRM, Administrative reform,…
2006-2007 Five weeks training (within group) in Syria and in Sweden, in “advanced Public Service Management” arranged by Swedish international Development Agency(SIDA) and Syrian State Planning Commission
2006 One month training (within group), in France and Italia sponsoring by TEMUS Program, in the purpose of re-organizing the Central Administration of Damascus Univ. and then, re-training other Academic and administrative personal.
2000/2004 Course Developer & Management Trainer: Leadership, Management by Creativity, Stress Management, Change Management, Project Management, Planning, Marketing, Customers Care, etc., STC Training Center, Saudi Arabia.
1996/1997 Preparation of the National Strategy to Entering Computer Sciences in Primary and Secondary Schools in Syria, UNISCO/ Syrian Ministry of Education
1993/1996 Professor of Management Cases Study and Management Applications, (HIAD), Damascus Univ.
1991/1996 ,2009/2011 Professor of Education Methods of Commerce, Faculty of Education, Damascus Univ.


15 books (including Dictionary), 42 conferences, seminars, workshops…Including 30 researches Papers and articles( details on request)
Price for a research in the MIS applied in Management of the Hospital of Aleppo Univ.: given by the WHO/Syrian Ministry of Health, Homs. 1995.