Networking and Information Security Training "NIST"

Networking and data security training program

The SVU seeks to advance its students to the highest levels in order to qualify them to work in the largest companies and various fields of scientific research and technical application. Accordingly, it was necessary to support our students with the technical information that a graduate will need when entering the labor market. The university has chosen a set of international training programs that will raise the student’s level to the required one, so that the student gets all the theoretical information and practical technical training from these programs.

The attached scheme shows the most important courses that make an IT graduate a professional (in the field of networking and data security) with an experience enabling her/him to immediately engage in the labor market and distinguishing her/him from others when applying for a job opportunity (regardless of whether the job opportunity is in the field of networking and information security or not, because all the specializations and areas of work need experience in both networking and information security).

Furthermore, these courses constitute a logical alternative to years of experience requested by major companies. They also form the main pillar searched for when looking at the curriculum vitae of any engineer, as it is a standard for choosing between job applicants. The trainee can take any of these courses regardless of their academic year. The courses can also be taken by graduates provided following the given scientific sequence.

The courses (CCNA R&S - CWNA - CEH) are considered a prerequisite for any specialist in both information technology and communications technology as they contain the essential expertise that any specialist will need in the labor market and projects in general. These courses also constitute a major support to studaents who have started working on graduation projects because of the basic information it offers to help students select projects of a high level and remarkable distinction. Consequently, it adds value to the graduate’s CV in terms of the graduation project (for example, a project that combines algorithms, networking, and information security or specializes in securing wireless communications within a specific network, taking into account the security of the data transmitted). These courses also reinforce graduates who wish to pursue their educational achievement by obtaining a master's degree because it contains basic technical information complementary to what they obtained in their curricula.


CISCO Certified Network Associate – Routing & Switching

Certified Wireless Network Administrator

Certified Ethical Hacker